Who are we?

We serve you in domestic and foreign markets under Helena company with 32 years of experience in the wood sector, which we started in 1987. We produce handcrafted furnitures in high-end class under the our Helena Furniture brand.

Our company, which exports to 27 countries, mainly America, Europe and Middle East countries, has managed to become the only manufacturer in Turkey in wooden mosaic art and the largest manufacturer in the world. With years of experience and our extensive staff, we have researched and developed the most beautiful ways to transform the tree into art. We offer you our handcrafted products in the best possible way.

We produce all our home furniture product groups in our modern production facility with a closed area of 10,000 square meters in Hatay/Turkey. We produce and offer our most beautiful products with the help of modern machines without sacrificing hand workmanship.


Our Mission

To continuing the art of mother-of-pearl inlaid and wooden mosaic, which are our historical heritage. To enable the world to recognize our historical heritage. To supporting the new generation to keep these values alive.


Our Vision

To increase the awareness of our handicraft and art within the country. To ensure that our cultural values are recognized worldwide by increasing our export rate.